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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PST

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you have the deputy director of dph and so she is actually at this point, senior staff at planning and so you know, i don't think that john ram expected to come. beyond that, we do hear your concerns about involving the community and we do have it about three months away from the time, every year in the spring, there is going to be quite a bit of sort of work on evaluating and monitoring the da every year. and so, i do take absolutely the importance of having a process around that i would not worry too much that in february, that has not started, i think that the time that it started is probably in the next couple of months and we think that it makes more sense to be focused around the particular time of year every year, and not sort of out over the years and that has been our plan if you feel differently, we should discuss that and we can do it differently, but recently doing what we intended to do and what
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is codified in the development agreement. >> supervisor yee? >> thank you, chair campos. first of all i want to thank the community to coming here today to express their concerns and so forth. so, i do understand that there will be a compliance report in may and we will try to be as patient as possible to listen to it at that point or read it, and the hope is that, everything that we are supposed to be doing will be done. and from just the comments that were made, from the departments and so forth, i mean, i am a little bit skeptical whether it is going to be done or not, but i want to be patient with that. the rate of others seem to be communicating the attention to the details. i am not too sure of this
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happening. in regards to the cliper card piece, i believe that one of the nurseses came up and talked about that. i would be very supportive that we could extend it beyond the ten years, or as the alternative would be also to supportive if for instance, if they six months have gone by, and they have not had the opportunity to receive the 50 percent discount for six months, they should get it for free. so it benefits the people more directly today and not ten years from now. and the, and so i would recommend, i mean, or encourage that we continue the community also to continue monitoring what is going on. and for the departments to do more out reach and perhaps, a better job of communicating what kind of things that are being done at this point.
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>> to respond, i don't enfortunately, cliper card is in the itself and in the plan which is the condition of approval and i believe that there is a date for starting that and that date has not been reached but i will double check, if the date has been reached and it has not been started then i think that you are right it should be extended on the other end, but i am not sure that they have actually missed the date that is in the plan. >> so we will double check and i did not bring that document with me. >> thank you. >> supervisor mar? >> and, thank you. for all of the presentations and the public comment as well. and i did want to raise a question about the workforce piece of the development agreement, and i am thankful that he is here from the city build but my questions are more on the end use and non-construction jobs and i think that it might have been some members of the public that looked at some numbers of the
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non-construction jobs being about 40 but only four were afforded by suter, and i am just wondering if those numbers are accurate, and why, why so few local jobs being forwarded by suter? >> good afternoon, and i am emily and i am the director of the initiative and in the da agreement, suter is not required to post all entry level positions there is in the development agreement of the occupation and there are clinical and internships as well as non-clinical positions that they are required to post. to date, they have shared 17, positions with the office of economic and workforce development and the office has referred 54 applicants, and from the community to be considered for those positions. we do not have final hiring stats for any of those positions that are still in the
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progress and the cpfc is at our office and pretty regular basis conducting the interviews, and for all of those positions. >> and then, i think that it would be good to share that information with the community and labor alliance so that they have that information, but, how close are we to the 40 percent target, and i know that from the original negotiations with suter, it was much lower and then the 40 percent was increased and i am appreciative of that but how close are we to that goal? >> so we are very early in the hiring process. so we will not have any of those numbers until we get that these round is a test case and to see how that will predict what the percentages will be. >> and then i think from some other concerns from the community coalition, was the lack of projections and the numbers of the entry level jobs and i am just wondering how you work with suter to make those projections in a timely manner as well.
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>> they have provided us with the very preliminary friends trends but there is not any massive opening of one position. i know that people have shared the concerns about those position but they have shared, that the workers will be from the positions that they will be hiring for. to date, the positions that they have shared with us. 17 positions are in house keep and five of the new housekeeping and four have been related to cooking, and three patient registration and one transporter and security officer, client representative, and medical file clerk and ekg technician. >> but there is no just looking at the various jobs on the list that i see tl, is no like home health aids, food service or cooks, there is nothing shared on projections on some of those.
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>> we don't have all of the projections but they are working on getting us the specifics and the numbers to help in the planning both for the training and for informing the workforce training fund agreement. >> and just as out of curiosity, >> i think that someone had some or wanted to have some information regarding that issue? >> it is, nano, penelli from the clinic and i am just hopeful that you could share kind of as the information comes forward, what the numbers are for the local hiring for the non-construction jobs, but thank you for the data and as it comes forward, what is the process to share with the community labor coalition, those numbers too? >> and i mean that we want to make all of this information public and so we are open to your specific ideas, we have specifically share all of the openings with our really expensive provider network. but that we will fund and do
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not fund, so, you know any ideas for how we can share some of the other statistics of compliance will be helpful. >> thank you. >> and for the chair, could we ask if... and i guess that it is penelli from us hastings could dress the question? >> thank you. >> thank you, supervisor, and i am a professor of law at the college of the law and i direct the uc hastings clinic which has been advising the labor coalition over the last four years, just to respond to what actually is in the development agreement, there is a long list of we are talking about the non-construction entry level, provisions, which are in exhibit e, on page 14 and it makes very clear a long list of entry level jobs but it reads that the types of entry level positions that may be available, as the cpmc include
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but are not limited to that list. and in terms of the projections, the development and agreement is also very clear, and it actually gives a form which needs to be filled out each year by cpmc, to project the number of jobs in each category. and as a previous peeker made claim, without those projections there is no way for oewd or the san francisco foundation to widely, allocate, the four million for training people. >> thank you. >> great. >> i guess coming back and maybe i could have it to mr. rich, and what i would say, is that i think that, what i hope happens, is that there is more engagement of the community, by the city agencies. and i think that simply,
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waiting to communicate with the community, when the specific dates and the developing an agreement come up, and it is not going to be and it may be in compliance with the literal, requirements of the agreement, but i don't think that that necessarily, furthers the goal, of everyone, and you know, being on the same page, in terms of making sure that that there is performance and i think that given the history of this project, that the more information people have about what is happening with the better it is. because i think that assumptions are made, and i know that if i were cpmc and suter, i would want the city to communicate that information because you know they are doing what they are supposed to do. and i do so, i would encourage you to do that and i don't know if it is you playing that role because you have a lot of other things to worry about and i do think that planning, and the department of public health, actually should be playing that
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role, and i really do hope that planning is more engaged and does not have to be directed around but i do think that someone should be assigned who actually has the time to be involved in a level that i think is not happening right now. i do have a question as the supervisor for the saint lukes campus. and i don't know if it is something that you can answer, or maybe, suter can answer, but, in terms of the mix of services, and the issues that have been raised around that, what is, you know, where are we and sort of what is the process that is going to be followed? and because i get asked, that question, a lot, and it is not just people here, but it is the people in my neighborhood, and i know that they are having some change and some cuts, so i just wanted to make sure that we have that. >> yeah, i think that if there
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is someone from suter cpmc that wants to address that, that would be the best information for you. >> thank you very much. >> to let you know that our commitment is to generally acute care hospitals is to fund by title 22 and by that definition it includes at a minimum, an emergency room, general acute medical surgical services and including unit, and as far as much science and how much cardology is done in one campus and another campus and we are not there yet, and that is the project under that we are currently working on. >> and in terms of process, how long do you think that before you get to the point where you have a better sense of that? >> well, we are primarily, working with our medical staff, and in combination with the dem graphics of the neighborhood, we anticipate serving and not the neighborhood that we serve
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today, but the neighborhood that we are going to be serving in the future, which we hope will be a better employed. and better educated, and etc.. and we are probably still a good 12 months away from having solid definition around that. >> okay. >> you know, i think that we want everyone served irrespective of education, and employment. but, if you could keep us posted on the process, i think that is important, and again, to ask the city to engage the community and all of the partners here as much as possible. >> colleagues, supervisor, mar? >> i was just thank you. chair campos and i was going to try to tie up a loose end on the 30 percent local hiring and i was going to say that i am
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appreciative of mr. mulligan sharing from the job and the meeting and the exceeding of the goals forle local hiring and i am appreciative of that i think that we should be really overseeing the end use and non-construction jobs as well and i just wanted to ask the rep from oewd once the projections are given for those entry level jobs and as a numbers come forward how they will be shared with the community? how are we going to get the numbers out so that they are transparent and we can so the progress and that we are on top of it so that the community and the labor coalition that supported this project could be satisfied that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that our residents from the stubbornly high unemployment neighborhoods are well served? >> how we are going to be transparent about this? >> our goal is to have it back and the first development to make sure that we do share any
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of those projections with our providers and they are the ones that we fund, and also, to the community members who we don't fund are part of the network and so we do hold the regular job developer meetings with folks and we will bring that there and we have distribution lists of hundreds of folks from dozens of organizations and we will definitely continue to target those priority areas and make sure that they know that those positions are and have the residents readiness for the different positions and timing and again, also doing that really critical information to the workforce committee and looking at the training dollars and also want to access the barriers to those position and look at those job descriptions closely and work with the communities to figure out how the residents may or may not meet some of those and meet with cphc around that and the training fund to address those barriers. >> could i just follow up on one of the healthcare issues that representatives from the
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tender loin raised? for the 1500 new enrollees i know that the development agreement, refers to a managed service organization that is created or identified by dph, and i am just wondering, i know that we had a community clinic person, speak, but i am just wondering are we going to meet the various deadlines so that we are insurancing that the 1500, really vulnerable people from the tender loin are going to have the access to the healthcare services. >> and supervisor, that is certainly, the intention and i should say that, and i take your comments about communication with the community very seriously and we will make every effort to do that and i want to say too, that we have been engaged with all along with the san francisco foundation, with the clinic, and with the eight clinic partners that were mentioned earlier, and we specifically set the mild stones within the application requirements so that we will continuously be engaged and be able to navigate the project at
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every juncture. and the director has met with the clinic representatives and continues to participate very heavily in the process. >> could i just ask, is there a plan if for some reason mca is not found within the time lines, like what will we do if we can't, and i am hoping that everything is moving smao*gt smoothly as you said but is there a man if we don't meet the deadlines, with 1500 people really need that healthcare service. >> the da is very specific about the 1500 people, it says, the first 1500 people with the mso or ipa that has a provider base located in the tender loin, and the second a new ipa is located in the tender loin and option two is a new mso, and with a provider base not necessarily located in the tender loin, but serving the residents and the third is an existing mso that is in place
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already. hopefully we can address with the first two options with the new mso for what we are funding and the third option if we are not able to do that would be likely through the cpmc existing partner, who they work with already to previed the care. >> great. thank you, very much. >> colleagues, do we have any other questions or comments? and i know that we have another school, i think that is visiting and so welcome to the young men and women who are visiting the chamber, the one thing that i would say is that i certainly found this hearing to be very productive. and i think that the more information is out there, about what is happening, i think the better we all feel, obviously there are still questions, and concerns, and my hope is that you will, or that we will see enhanced communication between the city, and the community. and in particular, and i do want to thank, suter and cpnc for the work that they are doing, and for the transparency, and for being
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here today. and again, i think that it is one of those things about making sure that we are not just complying with the letter of the agreement but also with the spirit and i think that the more that we are on the same page and the more that we know what is going on, the better it is. and i know that we will continue to monitor this. so colleagues, if i could have a motion to file this hearing? so we have a motion by supervisor mar. >> if you can take that without objection? >> without objection. >> and mr. clerk, do we have any other business before the committee. >> that concludes today's agenda. >> meeting adjourned. thank yo
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>> hello san francisco this is the places to be and this week is no xefk exception without further ado, here's not great weekly buzz. this monday february 17th take a tour of the digital garage referring in union square the morale will grace the stairwell of the city club normally closed to the public it will be the first change to say the morale by digital garage river free of charge then on tuesday join the key club and attend their molls meeting bring chose or karaokes
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and join in the fun. and on sunday heads to the treasure island at treasure island this year the open market flee market from sdierpdz to bakers and more plus they'll have outside exhibited and the scarf did care hunts and get the fantastic verifies the san francisco. and that's the weekly weekly buzz notify at at the an
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welcome to our rules committee meeting for thursday, february 20, 2014. i am supervisor norman yee and i will be chairing this meeting. i'm joined by supervisor campos and katie tang. the committee would like to acknowledge the staff of sfgtv jennifer low and ross. who record the meetings and make the transcripts available online. madam clerk, are there any announcements. >> please submit speaker cards to the clerk. items will be on the march agenda unless
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otherwise stated. >> >>supervisor norman yee: madam clerk please call item no. 1. city clerk: item 1: 130401: health code - hazardous materials]1304011.ordinance amending the health code to require electronic applications for registration of hazardous materials and for underground storage tanks be filed through the california environmental reporting system, to eliminate the requirement that registration of hazardous materials plans include a program for reduction of hazardous materials, and to provide for fee adjustment; and making environmental findings. city clerk: sf 11234 >>supervisor norman yee: i believe cindy from the department of public health is here to present. >> good afternoon supervisors, my name is cindy, i manage planning and fiscal policy in the environmental health branch. i'm here with paula, our senior staff at our hazardous material and waste program. it's part of the environmental health branch of the san francisco department of public health. the program implements six state environmental mandates and two local mandates. there are three amendments being
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proposed to article 21 of the health code. the first so conform to state law 25404 of the health and safety code. they require all facilities to present certification through the california environmental reporting system also known as sers. the regulated committee will be able to enter data. state legislation was at ab 2236. environmental health staff has provided technical support on our reporting system and now it's easy to update their existing information and provide a
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paperless one stop shop for multi-businesses. the 2nd amendment eliminates the hazardous material plan for the use of hazardous materials and generation of hazardous waste. this is again conforming to local legislation state law. this was enacted in the early 1980s when hazardous materials were more abundant. most facilities are reduced their hazardous storage to low levels. we have a health prevention and green business program and we now accomplish reduction through working with our businesses and consultation instead of regulatory action. businesses are still required to provide health waste reduction plan. a 3rd amendment is a fee adjustment. if the fees in the facilities invoiced from the department don't accurately reflect the facilities current
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activities, the facility may now address a fee adjustment for them with correct information with the fee payment. the businesses may have reduced or inventory since their last renewal and inspection may not be conducted in this time period. the fee adjustment form allows for a mechanism to adjust their fees accordingly. i'm happy to answer any additional questions to the amendment and legislation. >>supervisor norman yee: thank you very much. colleagues, any questions? no questions. thank you. any public comments on this matter? seeing none public comment is now closed. can we have a motion to move this to the full board. no objection. item passes. item no. 2. city clerk: item 2: 130710: [terms of and expansion of scope - existing local agency formation commission positions]1307102.sponsors:
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avalos; campos and marresolution amending the terms of the existing local agency formation commission lafcoo positions by expanding the scope of services for the senior program officer; extending the term of employment additional three years through june 30, 2016; and utilizing the existing lafco budget to continue funding this position. city clerk: item 2: 130710: [terms of and expansion of scope - existing local agency formation commission positions]1307102.sponsors: avalos; campos and marresolution amending the terms of the existing local agency formation commission lafcoo positions by expanding the scope of services for the senior program officer; extending the term of employment additional three years through june 30, 2016; and utilizing the existing lafco budget to continue funding city clerk: item 2: 130710: [terms of and expansion of scope - existing local agency formation commission positions]1307102.sponsors: avalos; campos and marresolution amending the terms of the existing local agency formation commission lafcoo positions by expanding the scope of services for the senior program officer; extending the term of employment additional three years through june 30, 2016; and utilizing the existing lafco budget to continue funding this position. >>supervisor norman yee: 1234 >> okay, i see supervisor avalos office is present. please come to the microphone if you have comments to make. >> thank you, good afternoon supervisors, frances shea with avalos office. thank you very much chair yee for scheduling this on the agenda today. since the membership of the rules committee has changed a little bit since we last heard this item i hope you will indulge me if i go over it again. supervisors, as you are aware lafco advisory board of the community choice aggregation program has diminished. supervisor avalos response to these changes is start to examine lafco's
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future scope of work. the item before you doesn't focus on that element of the discussion but this item. specifically given that less time is required to assist with the development, implementation and operation and management of the c ca program it would be better to develop the cost duties to include executive officer duties. currently lafco contracts with miller and ian for it's general council service. ms. miller was also the council and filled the director position on an interim basis. direct deuces include preparing contracts and rfp's and commission items and staff
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reports and sfpuc staff and monitoring contracts and preparing budgets and reports for the commission and general services related to what comes up on the agenda for lafco. in the last fiscal year the amount that has charged for general council services was a little over $2,000 for 8 hours of work. during that same period of time, the amount for executive services is -- in the current year lafco has paid a little over $5,000 and nearly 28,000 for the executive director work. regardless of the duties she fulfills whether they are the general council, the bill is the same. the resolution before you today is a result
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of conversation that lafco has had in a few years and an attempt to address this inefficient use of budget. this resolution does two things by consolidating the executive director duties into 1975 senior development specialist position and that rate those services could be built at the lower rate of $52.86 an hour. in the last fiscal year this would have saved $54,000. this allows for the funding source of the director duties. this allows for the continuation of that. and i know there is a question about how much was in there. currently there is a


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